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Janet Driscoll Miller is a powerhouse. She’s the founder and CEO of Search Mojo in Charlottesville, a search engine marketing firm. Not only does she tackle the day-to-day business requirements, but she’s also a wife and a mother to two beautiful daughters. She is involved in the betterment of our community, and you will likely see her tackling a running workout when she has time.

How would you describe yourself? Mom. Wife. Girl Scout Leader. Search Engine Marketer. The order varies by the hour.

What inspires you? Reading. I love to read. I really believe that reading is the key to success in so many things. Reading is always teaching you, allowing you to grow and learn new skills every day. It’s just downright empowering.

What makes you feel powerful? I often think that feeling powerful or enjoying power is frowned upon — looked at in a negative light for women. I feel empowered by the support of the people around me.

Why is your favorite part of yourself and why? I’m a pretty passionate person, as anyone who follows me on Facebook likely knows. I love volunteering for Girl Scouts. The girls are just plain fun to be around, and they are so happy to be there. It makes my day.

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